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More than enough

When does it become more than enough for you? 

More than enough Money?  Power?  Love?  Food?  Drink?  Other vises?  Shopping?  Spending?  Serving others above yourself? 

How do we look outside ourselves to help and love on others and forsake those things that could easily be placed aside to show our families and our friends how important following Jesus is? 

It's not sitting in a church or attending church for that matter.  You can sit in church and not get anything out of it except check it of your list of things to do.  Maybe it's your social time of the week and it's important in that area of your life, great. 

Let me share some of our story with you.  Just in case you wondered who we are.  I have worked in ministry many years, volunteer or paid.  Steve as well.  Our last church job, the Lord called us out to go bring in the one sheep that got away.  Here's the scripture that backs that.

Luke 15New King James Version (NKJV)
The Parable of the Lost Sheep 15 Then a…