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I am because of HIM!

What a Mighty God we serve.  Amazing and real.  He's not something far off that doesn't care about us.  He knows every thought, every word we speak.  He even knows the number of our days and the hairs on our head.  He knows what is going on in the world and that, my friend, is why we need to fervently pray for the way of our world.  Can it change things?  I believe so. 

I believe if enough of us are asking for the same thing, we will see the changes made. He knows the right person for the Office of our Country.

 We live in the most chaotic world at this moment and time.  We have all faced many crisis' in our lives, our countries, our world, but the hands of the Spiritual World are at work as well.  The Battle is the Lord's.  It's a fight against flesh and blood, it's a fight over souls and lives.  It's a fight over your working situation, your month to month.  It's a fight for your health, your social status, your RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS- the one who s…