Monday, March 28, 2011

kidnabbed and more...

What an incredible wedding we attended yesterday for Nathan and Rachel Morris, the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival Evangelist.  God showed him who he was to marry and before that God had given Rachel a vision of who she was to marry before Nathan even showed up.  When Nathan came, Rachel was blown away, she knew that Nathan was it. 
The wedding: everyone was invited!  In fact, they had invited everyone from the Revival- on line and live streamed! 

Okay, for the kidnabbed- our friends Kathy and Jim said we had to stay for the wedding.  So, when we walked out of church, they had the van right there and said "GET IN"!  We obeyed! LOL, it was really fun, Jim and Wanda, Donna Kay and Jim and Kathy.  We went to Pizza Hut and here walks in Gaston and Nicole, our other friends that decided to go to the very important wedding. 

The line to get into this was so long, we got there at 1:30 and the doors opened at 3.  The line got so incredibly long, it wove through the door and around the block- okay, just down the 2 hall ways.  It was fun, it reminded me of going to church in Hawaii.  We used to line up for a 6 p.m service at 3 p.m.!  It was so much fun! 

Today we sit in the Johnny's RV Service in Theodore AL in the service bay awaiting a huge list of fixings.  They are suppose to get us out today.  We will try hard to get over the Christy's (our daughter) today or in the morning.  We will then take off towards TN. 

That wraps it up for today! 

Trust and VIPKID travels!

Update:::::4/30/2019 -530 pm!! Now four shocks have to be replaced!!!!!! Uhhhhhggggghhhhh--ouch!  The workers came over at about 2:20 and sa...