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Purpose and choose

Our purpose on this earth is to ...

 Know Jesus?Worship Him only?Live for only ourselves?listen to false gods?love others?Glorify the Trinity?die trying?go to church but never change our ways?go to church and learn how to live as Christ Jesus?grow in knowledge, love, learn scriptures, love others and myself, help others? Which one fits you?  And how's that working out for you?  I, mean, really?  List three things you are grateful for and then look at how your life is going. 

Is it going the way you want it to?  Or is it going the way the Lord wants it to for you?

Do you play in the dirt with the devil?  Or do you play in the field with the Lord? 

Has there been hurts in the past you can walk through and over?  Or have you been stuck in unforgiveness and you keep a packed bag/trunk with hurts in them and you store them away for another time to use them as weapons on someone else?  Did you know unforgiveness can cause major health problems?  It causes cancer, ulcers, migraines, le…