Monday, March 21, 2011

Good, beautiful, wonderful, glorious morning to ya!

Hi there,

Top of the Morning to you!  If you have just tuned in for the first time, welcome and if you have been here before, welcome back!

We have been covering some mighty big stuffs lately and thought it might be time to stop for a moment and catch my breath...

What a day for us here yesterday!  Whew!  I knew we had a lot of check outs, so I loaded a bag full of clean linens first, we loaded the cart up and took off.  We worked over our shift but it wasn't too bad!  We had 3 lodges  and 3 kabins to clean.  Some of the lodges have lofts in them with 2 double or queen mattresses and some have just the bunks and a fold out couch. 

This is a lodge, just like a trailer or RV.  Home for a time!
It takes about 30 - 45 min. to clean

one of them well.  We take everything in, broom, mop, cleaning bucket and then we start stripping beds. Steve takes all the linens to the laundry and starts them and I start on cleaning the kitchen first and then the bathrooms.  We vacuum the mattresses after spraying them with spray.   
However, yesterday we had 3 cabins and 3 lodges to do.  So we stopped by the checked out cabins and pulled all the linens and then did the same with the lodges.  We had 5 satellite bathrooms (these are toilet, sink, shower) and 2 laundry rooms, the main bathrooms - 2 showers, 3 toilets/or urinal. 

Well, we work well as a team and for the most part stayed in incredibly joyous moods during this time.  We only worked an hour over our time and everything got done!  We were tired though.  But I had made pbj's and put dinner in the crockpot before we left, took the pbj's with us and we headed off.  We had 53 overnight campers, 8 tenters, and 8 kabins and lodges full.  It was Awesome!
I get excited when the parks fill up!  It might mean more work for someone, but it means more people are getting out and they are not worrying about the gas prices, they are going anyway! 

This is a Kamping Kabin, usually has a bed and bunks. 

We have just 2 more workdays here!  Sunday is so busy!  But it will be fun! We will go to Church of His Presence in Mobile AL and then head out to Biloxi for Joel's 5th birthday. It's a little early, but his friend is moving and so are we.   Joel has such a wonderful personality.  He and Sophia will be so grown by the time we return this way.  They will also have a new little brother or sister by then. 

 Then we head out to Theodore AL for warrenty work on the trailer.  We are hoping that it takes just a day or two. We will then head up to Tennessee, to see what we can see. Below, are pictures I found of the area in which we are going. 

We will spend about 25 days here, just taking it all in.  We will trek through the Smoky Mtns. and find ourselves lost in our thoughts but not the area.

We will then move on to Michigan.  The top of Higgins Lake!  We will be there from May- the end of Sept. Here's some more pics of that area. 


We have seen a few of these crazy critters here, at least down at Navarre Beach.  Love this area and will really miss it, we love the oceans roar- it reminds us of the strength God has.  Here's a few shots.

 Jelly fish - man of war!  Stings like crazy!  We have gone out to the beach when the east winds come, that's what brings them out.


We will also definately miss our daughter and her family!

Until next time... 

Trust and VIPKID travels!

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