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Good, beautiful, wonderful, glorious morning to ya!


Hi there,

Top of the Morning to you!  If you have just tuned in for the first time, welcome and if you have been here before, welcome back!

We have been covering some mighty big stuffs lately and thought it might be time to stop for a moment and catch my breath...

What a day for us here yesterday!  Whew!  I knew we had a lot of check outs, so I loaded a bag full of clean linens first, we loaded the cart up and took off.  We worked over our shift but it wasn't too bad!  We had 3 lodges  and 3 kabins to clean.  Some of the lodges have lofts in them with 2 double or queen mattresses and some have just the bunks and a fold out couch. 
 It takes about 30 - 45 min. to clean

one of them well.  We take everything in, broom, mop, cleaning bucket and then we start stripping beds. Steve takes all the linens to the laundry and starts them and I start on cleaning the kitchen first and then the bathrooms.  We vacuum the mattresses after spraying them with spray.   
However, yesterday we had…