Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Take a look at our history from our last blog

We posted 50 times!  Lots of pics and growth during the last 3 years of posts!  Join us for a new adventure here at Blogspot.

I found us!

We were lost but now we are found!  I wasn't sure what I did with this blog.  We blog on another site, but this one seemed to be a bit more friendlier. 

We are in the Panhandle of Florida and many miracles in our own life have happened here.  God is in control and we are blessed so much. 

So, since I have found us again.  I will post more often on here. 

 Gulf Coast Sand- beautiful, white, oil free and wonderful!
 Stick your feet in the warm sand and enjoy the view! And then go in and enjoy the waves!
From the Pier at Narvarre Beach FL. 

One of the most favorite places we have visited. 

But we have met some wonderful people too. 
 This is our church family.  They loved us before we even arrived in town!

Until next time!

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