Monday, February 28, 2011

Shekinah Glory falls down

What in the world is Shekinah Glory?  It is the Holy Spirit that comes and knocks on the door of your heart and falls all over everyone, sometimes He quiets your mind so much so that God speaks to you, sometimes it feels like a warm heavy blanket that covers you with peace that passes all understanding!  Sometimes it is your mouth that exalts the Name of Jesus. 

It sometimes comes in as a bubble, cloud, peace, or a worship of Jesus.  Take a peek at what happened in Sayerville NJ last Friday!

Lydia now has a worship CD out and she truly worships the Lord!  She brings in the Holy Spirit with all the love and all the glory she has! 

Here's New Life Church from Co. Springs.  This was written after some major things happened in their church, the Pastor scandel, and a shooting on a Sunday morning, this song is OVERCOME, it is powerful!  Think about the things you have had to overcome in your life and thank God that He is in control and you are not! 

Chris Tomlin- Our God is Greater.  What an incredible song!  Worship is not just music. 


 Worship is about telling God/Jesus and the Holy Spirit (The Trinity) how beautiful, wonderful, powerful, glorious, strong, all powerful, all knowing, fantastic, holy, good, great, thanking Him for all they have done for you.  Worship brings you into fellowship with the Trinity.  It allows God to work through you and with you to answer your prayers.  It allows you to open a relationship with Jesus.

Remember when you got a crush on someone?  Do you remember how you wanted the phone number, you wanted to spend time with them?  You wanted to just sit by them?  Well, a relationship with Jesus is the same way.  It isn't about what you get but it is about the encounter you bring with you. 

Keep your eyes on Jesus, keep your love centered to Him!  All those that rise against Him will fall. 
Have a great day! 

Trust and VIPKID travels!

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