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When you trust in the Lord in all your ways, He will make your path straight.

I wrote this just a few days ago, and my! things can change fast!

"As we prepare for the next year in our journey, we trust that God has an incredible purpose for those we love and those we know.  For us, we have applied for a new job, it is so up to the Lord to bring forth this plan.  We did our part and sent it out in faith.  I will share more info when we have it, but we are in prayer about what God is doing.
It may well mean we come off the road and settle down again.  It may well mean many things.  We stand in prayer and in the security that God has a plan. 
We do have a job in Michigan, one thing that scares us is that gas prices continue to rise and we have traveled with trailer and it was expensive.  We will continue to live in our rig until the end of whenever." GOD's NOT OF FEAR THOUGH!

Steve and I had a late night talk, after really looking at working in a stick and brick ministry and living on the road ministering in campgrounds. 

Where are we doing the Great Co…