Friday, January 7, 2011

When you trust in the Lord in all your ways, He will make your path straight.

I wrote this just a few days ago, and my! things can change fast!

"As we prepare for the next year in our journey, we trust that God has an incredible purpose for those we love and those we know.  For us, we have applied for a new job, it is so up to the Lord to bring forth this plan.  We did our part and sent it out in faith.  I will share more info when we have it, but we are in prayer about what God is doing.
It may well mean we come off the road and settle down again.  It may well mean many things.  We stand in prayer and in the security that God has a plan. 

We do have a job in Michigan, one thing that scares us is that gas prices continue to rise and we have traveled with trailer and it was expensive.  We will continue to live in our rig until the end of whenever." GOD's NOT OF FEAR THOUGH!

Steve and I had a late night talk, after really looking at working in a stick and brick ministry and living on the road ministering in campgrounds. 

Where are we doing the Great Commission?  Jesus said from Matt. 16:15 "go into all the world and peach the gospel to every creature.  He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned.  And these signs will follow those who believe: In my name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them, they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover (be healed)."

I loved being with the kids and their parents in the church setting, I loved it so much but I didn't care for the politics. I didn't care for all the work that went along with it either.  I loved the studying for the 3 different classes that were going on, I loved seeing lives change and hearts mended. I loved the pay, but I didn't do it for the pay at anytime, I loved the church family.

But out here on the road and in the campgrounds,we get to really be a part of others lives, they open the door and God enters.  There are no pretenses in this setting.  People love to visit out here.  We don't go in like some that just have to get them saved.  God opens their hearts and when He does we are here to help.  

We would also be giving up visiting our children and grandchildren when we wanted, before a new job starts or after one ends. 

We sold everything for this dream.  We wanted to be a bigger part in our grandchildren's lives, we can't do that when we are tied to a job that only gives one or two weeks a year, we did that and it was difficult to give the time to the kids.  We have four kids in four different states, it's impossible to see them all the time, but with this lifestyle and jobs we can see them when we want to.

I did enjoy looking at the hiring and I do have what it takes to do ministry in a church setting but this is so much more free and so much more enjoyable. We have great references and friends who love us from our previous jobs.

Yet, God provides our wants and our needs.  We have learned to be "FROGged" out here.  Fully Relying On God and it is amazing!  We have dipped into our savings for Christmas and the last class but we have a strong savings and God made a way here to work a third day for pay.  It's not much pay, about $30 each for the day but for two weeks that about $120.  That will buy dinner and a movie out.  We have done one movie since leaving OKC in August/Sept, we saw True Grit. 

More reason to stay on the road, beautiful views.

This was a life changing trip we took to Estes Park for 10 days. This trip changes our life from good to great.  We realized how much we loved being out in the campgrounds and on our return home, we stayed out at the state parks for 2 mo.  When we had to put the camper in storage, that freedom felt gone! 
It wasn't gone, but it did help us make the decision to live full time in our rig. 

Lake Ogalala NE

One of our trips out, we met up with our youngest daughter and her family who traveled from San Antonio to NE to CO to fish.  We met them along their journey for the weekend.  It was a great place to relax and get to know the kids again.

Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park

This is one of the most serene places, despite the heavy foot traffic.  The beauty of God's hand is all around if we just look and take it all in, from the mountains to the oceans, from the people to the areas.  Look at the blessings He has done and made for you to enjoy!

Yes, that really happened, in Yellowstone Park!

One one of our trips to Montana we decided to go through Yellowstone and Grand Tetons on our return trip.  That road is so incredibly long through Wyoming!

We saw this elk swimming in the lake while we were eating dinner.  We watched her closely and wondered as she wandered where she was heading.  Guess what?  We found her in front of our hotel, so Steve decided he could get close enough!   

I have posted our grand children and their families before.  So, here we are C.A.M.P. Saints/No Walls Ministry and we are here to stay. 

This was a great fun trip!  Steve and Jimmy headed out on the first ride, they went around the curve on the ride and Steve's stomach went the other way.  But despite that little thing, it was a really fun day!  This was our first visit with Christy and family since they returned from Germany.

Christy is taking this picture, sure wish we were all in this pic.  The boys were all 18 mo. and under here.  It was the first time the girls met each other.
Anthony is very quiet and Joel was very social and loved all the water!  This was a great visit with having half the kids together. 

Meet my younger sister, Jenny.  We are at a dam by Ft. Benton MT, it has a swinging bridge that held some fun memories.  This is an island that many use as a picnic spot. Fionia was just 5 yo here.  This dam is one of 5 around the Great Falls area that harness the power for electricity. 

Our visit home at my mom's.  This is our oldest son, my sister and my mom and Stormy (in my mom's arms).

4 people in one telephone booth, could we have gotten more in there?  Just don't know!  It was a great laugh!  This is Steve's sister's kids, only 2 of the 4 though.  Charlie and his girl friend and Margo and Evan.

This was at a Church Family Campout outside Omaha NE in 2009.  These girls were so funny, they were toad hunting but found a leatherback turtle instead!  They had so much fun meeting new kids and playing together.  It was a great time with 10 other families and a few pups too.  We had a Dutch oven cook off and in the morning the "boy scout" leaders helped make baggie omelets.

And last, but not the least is our wonderful Sophia.  We surprized them for Christmas Morning to watch the opening of the gifts and eat together.  It was fun and it was family!

Until Next Time... May God continue to be the light in your eyes and the pep in your step...

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