Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We have made it to Lake Conroe, TX! 

This has been incredibly wonderful but so skeery as to the "job" involved.  We are working for a Corporate KOA Park. They are run a little differently but they are fun to work in.  We have many coming in on weekends and it seems to be a really fun busy park.  You can even fish with a catch and release here! 

sleeping in tent       jpeg, I caught a big one

It's a beautiful place!

We really enjoy meeting lots of people! 
We attended church on Sunday, as the "boss" said we could!  It was a lot of fun! 

Life is so interesting.  I could say that I need more time in my day and I used to.  But I don't anymore. 

Cave dwelling has been our past days.  "Cave Dwelling is sitting within your own thoughts or hiding in bed with the covers over your head and you never want to face others."  I wouldn't say it is necessarily depression, it's just staying away and hoping that something will change.  But then you get on this hamster wheel of hope and change and your hopey-changey thing just stays the same.  So, you climb out on a limb and do your best skeered. 
Like I said, those days are over!  And we celebrate the new life that has been afforded us. 
We came to this place to see the "new way" of life in an ever expanding way and to see more family. 

  Taking vacation in Tennessee was an incredible growth time and walk with the Lord. 

So, during the trip to TN, this millstone came off and a new outlook on life and Jesus are so much clearer!
 Okay, we can really dream right!  These were tucked away on a beautiful lake in an area I think only they know about.  These were for sale, a few of them anyway! 

So, my yoke became lighter and it feels really good to take that thing off!

An original cabin from the pioneers of the Appliachians.  This lake is where those beautiful house boats sit on.  This lake has so many coves and different little inlets that are just peaceful!  They open this dam about once a year to let the levels of the water in the lake to leave.  It's really pretty but this lake was really high.  Now if they could just send this water to TX, it would be fantastic! 

It is so incredibly dry here!

Trust and VIPKID travels!

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