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On the road living, breathing and allowing Him to have His way!

We live full time on the Road.

 It's something we have been called to do years ago.  In 2009 we were called out of full time ministry working with families and kids.  In 2010 we said goodbye to 165 families and church members and headed out to Campground missions.  Our first stop was OKC OK. We took refuge in learning everything we needed to know about this life.  Our first mission was Milton FL.  We spent 6 mo. there.  Met some incredible people, ended up at the Brownsville Revival Act 2. Became instructors in healing classes and grew.

Long story of disobedience and lack of faith. (We went off the road, bought a house we could not afford, both worked at $9 an hour job with a small retirement pension).  We eventually found better paying jobs, dh went back to work where he retired and they stopped his retirement $$ and saved it for us.  I worked at TX A&M for 2 years.  The road was calling our name.  It got so loud that we could not escape it.  Our travel trailer was sitting i…