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For the Lord our God is with us...

He is Mighty to Save and He is with us.  Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by His Grace and Goodness that I am left speechless.  I fall on my knees and am so humbled by His love for me and for others.  When I am lost, he finds me.  When I am down, He picks me up.  When I am weak, He is strong.  When I am feeling confident, he helps me to continue on.  When my pride gets the better of me, He reels me in and puts my feet on solid ground.  I have been a Christ follower for 30 + years.  I have not changed my passion, though it is a bit tamer than once was, but it is still OUT LOUD and AM CRAZY in LOVE with my Jesus!  Do you know HIM!? I want to shout on the rooftops about who my Jesus is. 
Here is a link to know who My King is!  Do you know Him!?

May you be blessed as you roll through your days and they roll together into one week, one month, one year.  May you be able to be the change you want to see. 
Overcome- this song came out of some really d…