Monday, April 24, 2017

VIPKID Check Up From the Neck UP!

How I make $1000.00 a Month Teaching Online10-15 Hours a Week I work for VIPKID--Learn how you can too!:
100 days with VIPKID and let's just say, IT'S AWESOME!

I have taught over 150 kids, 236 classes, and a lot of minutes!  I love this!

My hope and prayer is that as crazy as I am about this, I hope they are about me too!
Mobile Internet setup for a full time RVer who needs to stay connected as they roam.: A few things you really need though that can make or break your classtimes.  Really solid internet!  I have a broadband card that usually works really well, but I have a hotspot also (Verizon and an AT&T)-both pay as you go.  But since we are full time RVers this makes it very difficult at times.  I am currently very blessed to use my mother in law's and in spite of a failure with the camera today, it's been really great.  We have been in Rockport TX, Lake Corpus Christi TX, Waco TX, and throughout Kansas and Oklahoma.  We have been from Georgia to Utah and never had a problem with it until we reach my in-laws where there are very few cell towers and very little in the way of service for 4G.

My biggest help is finding the coverage map and using it. I put in the address and the zipcode and find the exact location.  Our next big stop is Custer SD.

"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love of learning." - Brad Henry #VIPKid: Since I grew up as a Custer, this is my heritage- in spite of what many might think, this was something I was very proud of until I became of age to hear what really happened.  Now, throughout my life, I am still proud of my name and what it represents in my family.  Every generations has served its country.  Every generation has had their own battles, demons and monsters to deal with, but every generation is stronger than the previous and we are thrilled with who we are.  General Custer graduated at the bottom of his class at the military academy, he was not always attune to those around him, but he was fierce in his belief whether it was for the good or bad.  We all have a view of history that has been given to us by text books, teachers, parents, what we read, or someone else.  But let's look at the people in the history books, articles and other items that show us who these people really are.

Without judgment, prejudice, reproach, or ill will, let's look at where we are, where we come from, where we have been as a whole and as part.  Let's look at their life, our life, the world we live in and other factors.  Let's not be so quick to judge others.

As we destroy the monuments, erase history from the record books, we will repeat those things that we have erased and wonder why we have the same outcome.

One of the things I have learned in classrooms and in campgrounds is love conquers all.  Love prevails, love - true love for others, shines just like Jesus.  And when we shine that love, He prevails in the darkness.  

I have a few regulars that come and visit me weekly, but I get so many new faces and it is so much fun!

These kids are awesome!  They work hard, they are diligent, they are goofy, they are sweet and kind, and they are joyous!

We live on the road, down the road and up the road.  We stayed in Texas for the winter, we are on a slow crawl up to Cody WY to work for the summer.  My hours at VIPKID will change and I will be working mornings and then a few nights a week.

We just became debt free and want to save for our winter months and for investing in our future.  We have our winter months secured on the East Coast, so the school hours will change again for us.

This if you decide to go for this job, I mean, I tell you what, this is the best job in the world if you are a teacher, if you have worked with children, if you are a homeschooling mom who needs help to do what you have dreamt of, this is it.

This link will take you into the site.  It will help you as well.

Do you want a job that is more than a job?  Do you want to stay home and work?  Do you have a degree?  Have you worked with children?  "happy faces from bhutan" by ryanne { trimmed reality } on Flickr - These dear children live in Bhutan, officially the Kingdom of Bhutan, is a landlocked country in South Asia located at the eastern end of the Himalayas.  It is bordered to the north by China and to the south, east and west by India.:

Do you want to make a difference in others lives?  If you are energetic, if you are loving, kind and you really desire this job and you can follow directions and you are willing.  You may well be the person for this job!

I am going to post some ideas, you can use these anywhere.

Great tips for keeping online learners engaged and present through a skype tutor session. #ESL #TeachingTips

Preparing your engagement and energy levels for class is just as important as preparing your curriculum! What do you do that gets you amped and roaring for your #VIPKid lessons? #TeachingTips:
Learning is about relationships...:

If you are going to use my referral number,

VIPKID is awesome to work for, but you have to be ready!  Even when you first put in your application.  This has to be something you really desire, something in your heart tugs you this way, something you are willing to pray over and something that calls you.

Than, even before you apply, watch the videos on youtube.  Look up VIPKID videos and you will find a lot of them.  Nancy Taylor is awesome, Stephanie Rivara too, and others.  Look at as many as you can possibly stand.  Know what they expect when you interview, know what they expect during a Mock 1 class and a Mock 2.  They will send you a ton of paperwork and you will have to schedule your interviews and classes quick.  Be prepared!
You will need Alphabet cards, a puppet, a white board, and a smiley face with white teeth.  You will need energy, excitement, love that shines and transfers through the screen. You need a computer, headphones and camera.  You will also need Google Chrome and at times Skype.  You will also need patience because this is going to take time.  You need to have a degree in almost anything and you need to have taught Sunday school, home schooled, or as a volunteer or teacher. Lastly, be a native English Speaker. You can live anywhere in the world but you must have English as your native tongue.

You are a contractor, so a 1099 is needed.  You will need to scan all your paperwork in and email it to them.
If you are going to use my referral number,

Let me know on Facebook at @campsaints and let me know how you are doing, maybe why and who you are so I can encourage you along this journey.

Thank you, Janette

Our great adventures take us to places God sends us.  Cody WY is where we will be this summer.  Stop by and say hello!  We have a few things to see before we get there and 14 weeks will go by super fast!  Then we will be on another huge adventure.

So, we are off on the Ultimate Adventure, trusting Jesus all along the way.

At Custer State Park today! Beautiful!:

In honor of Buffalo Bill’s birthday on February 26th here is an infographic illustrating everything along the Buffalo Bill Highway, which runs from Yellowstone’s east gate to Cody, Wyoming. Visit the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody to learn more about Buffalo Bill.:

Old Trail Town, Cody, Wyoming, USA Photographic Print:   
Cody WY.

Frontier Town, Cody Wyoming-after this we tried to get the girls to do a rodeo:

Over the river...

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