Thursday, April 14, 2011


In everyone's life, it takes prep work to take on a new job, a new outlook, a new hobby, a new pet, a new child, or a new way of living.  For us it's no different.

We are on the move every few months, sometimes every six months these days.  We need to prepare for the move, we need to see what the area is like, we need to find the Wal-mart and sometimes we have found a local church.  This time seems a bit different though.

We have a Pastor's conference at Perry Stone's.  He is an evangelist and God has done and continues to do an incredible work in this man.  Here is the link to his site.  Perry Stone   His site is loaded with a great deal of learning.  He also hosts and does Manna Fest on TV.

Here is what we will be learning there:

Your Personal Life

  • The power of fasting and learning how to pray to receive answers from God
  • The battle with temptation, depression and burn out
  • How people read your “body language” and judge you before you ever minister
  • Battling the private demons – memoirs from the lives of fallen ministers
Your Family Life

  • Dealing with rebellious children or a stubborn companion in the ministry
  • Learning to listen to your spouse’s warnings and dreams before trouble comes
  • How to prevent making your ministry your “mistress.”
  • The importance of sexual relations in your marriage
  • The battle to remain pure as a single minister
  • The ministers PMS  - Pride, Money and Sex
Your Spiritual Life

  • Building on the right foundation and surrounding yourself with the right people
  • Operating in the gifts of the Spirit and knowing when God is speaking and when He is not
  • How to pray in the Spirit and interpret the prayer language of the Spirit
  • How to deal with difficult people and “read” the personalities of those around you
Your Ministry

  • Removing the “fog” of understanding your ministry
  • Learning how to communicate more effectively face to face and in public
  • Dealing with the traditions of dress, music and styles of ministry
  • The controversial ministries – healing the sick and casting out devils
Your Ministry Expanding
  • Using the internet, television, Facebook and Twitter to advance your ministry
  • Protecting yourself and family from frivolous lawsuits
  • The need for security in a day of terrorism
  • Song writing, book publishing, and special articles for magazines

We look forward to this and all of the learning that we will glean from here.
Sometimes you just don't know the next path you head in to.

No pets on the farm, so what about the animals on the farm?

Last walk on the beach in Navarre FL.  Sad day!

We are going to Montgomery TX, here is from their website.  This is where the K.O.A. is and where we will be working for the next 6 mo. May - Nov.

One of the oldest towns in Texas, Montgomery began as a trading post in 1826 and was chartered in 1837.
Montgomery was the first county seat of Montgomery County and was the third county formed under the Republic of Texas. It is also recognized as the birthplace of the Texas Lone Star Flag.
Montgomery offers guests a memorable visit with its preserved 19th Century Historic Downtown District, as well as its many fine retail shops, restaurants and local attractions.
Located at the junction of Texas 105 and FM 149, Montgomery is located near the southwestern edge of Sam Houston National Forest in western Montgomery County. The center of town is 15 miles west of Conroe and 50 miles northwest of Houston.
We hope you'll stop by for a visit. Enjoy our clean air and relaxed country lifestyle!

They were the birthplace of the TX Flag. Here is the info on that.

Welcome to the Texas Flag history page!

The Lone Star Flag of Texas first rose in Montgomery - or at least the idea of it did. It was a product of the vision of Dr. Charles Bellinger Stewart, a Montgomery postmaster and pharmacist and the first Secretary of State for the Republic of Texas.

Dr. Stewart was appointed by Republic of Texas President Mirabeau B. Lamar to a committee with Thomas Barnett and Richard Ellis to create an official flag for the Republic. Dr. Stewart sketched on vellum three rectangles of equal size, one vertical and the others horizontal. In the vertical rectangle he placed a lone star. The original drawing was not colored but Dr. Stewart labeled the rectangles blue, white and red. These colors signify loyalty, purity and bravery.
The committee approved the flag design as well as the Republic seal which Stewart had drawn on the same piece of vellum. President Lamar approved both on January 25, 1839. When Texas became a state in 1845, the seal was modified and adopted as the state seal, along with the adoption of the Lone Star Flag as the state flag. The N.H. Davis Pioneer Complex & Museum in Montgomery has a replica of this vellum on display. The original is housed at the Texas State Archives.

The House of Representatives of the 75th Texas Legislature adopted House Resolution #1123, which was then signed by then Governor George Bush on May 30, 1997, proclaiming Montgomery County as Birthplace of the Lone Star Flag. Today, the flag is flown proudly in Montgomery as a symbol of the strength, aspiration, bravery and loyalty of TexasÕ early settlers.

Trust and VIPKID travels!

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