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"When it gets down to goodness and what He's done for me, when it gets down to goodness and how He set me free, I will dance, dance, dance all night, all night!"

This is a song that we would sing every Sunday night at Calvary now Victory Church in Great Falls.  It was and still is one that I sing. 

His goodness, some may know it and feel it and some may be going through something so bad you can't imagine God's goodness.  Even if you are in the dark, His goodness is there.  His love is there, his hope for you is there.  When it's going really well, sometimes we believe it's because of us and when we become thinkers like this, we blow ourselves up and forget to see God's glory in it. 

Look around you right now, what do you see?  Children?  Blessings anywhere?  Having a great time or a hard time? 

Let's pray before we continue on this journey today.  
Lord Jesus, we come to you and ask that you are first place in our lives.  If you are not show …