Sunday, February 8, 2015

Are we there yet?

These are my kiddos from another mother and father.  My heart is still attached to the wonderful ways they have.  Glory be to God for the opportunity to know and love them.  The only one missing is Mrs. Grace.  She is the other teacher. 

We have made it to NE.  It's cold, wet, white, snowy and icy!  Oh Yuck!  Major Yuck!  But Peter has enjoyed the snow!  He has been out eating it and bouncing in it. 

Driving up to Neligh was a bit trying, the snow was blowing what seemed like 80 miles an hour, it was covering the highway,  and everytime we went up a hill or down a hill, it blew us around.  It was nerve wracking indeed. 

The motorhome we bought, well the toilet decided to not work as it got colder and we are now driving a turd mobile.  Yep, that's right, a rolling turd!  As the weather gets warmer it is now going down into the black tank but because we have had to stay close to a bathroom, well that's a whole nother paragraph! 

We left Neligh on Friday, we had planned on staying at Two Rivers State Park near Omaha

But we got down to the gate and it was closed for the winter!  It's a beautiful area and we love it.  So we headed into town to see if we could stay at the one near Papillion at Walnut creek, it too was closed.

So, we headed to our first time out into the FULL TIME RV world at the KOA in Omaha.  It's slushy and yucky but it's a place to land and was the rugs, get the dogs out and see beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  We went to dinner with Steve's little sister and her husband to a make your own Pizza place. 

We are heading to a big surprise today.  It's gonna be fun and then heading out on the road.  We are heading to Tulsa and then back down to Bryan for a bit and off to GA. 

Sophia 4, Henry 2, Joel 7

Last night at St. Paul's Lutheran Church.  Such
a sad and exciting time.

Gramma in orange and Joel. Popa Steve in yellow shirt.

Do I look happy? 

It's raining before the snow came.

This is what 8" in looks like early in the morning.

Cleo always cozy and warm

Over the river...

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