Saturday, June 4, 2011

What in the World is going on around here?

Floods, fires, tornados, hurricanes brewing in the gulf, rivers and streams overflowing banks and the heat and droughts!  People coming against others because of lack of values or belief systems.  People, the Word of God says we are to LOVE our neighbor as we love ourself!  Do people not love themself?  Do they stir such a disention pot of unkindness that it overflows in many, too many other areas? 

Please get on your knees America and repent for the sins of the nation.  When America goes against Israel, God is not happy.  It won't go well for the nation.

As America prepares itself for the next Presidential race, please be aware of and listen closely to the words that the candidates use.  They don't always do as they promise, but then again, you know that.  Be aware as well, many of them want One World Order and a Socialist Republic.  Look at the track records of each person.  What do they stand for?  No matter what party it is.

As a Pastor, it is said that we should not stand on the rooftops and tell the congregation whom to pick.  I don't have a congregation, and I won't tell you who to pick, you're a big person, you're very smart too.  Just be ware.  Most of the media outlets are not for fair play. 

Please start or continue praying for those around you, invest in prayer for your neighbors on the right and on the left and in front and behind you.  Don't pray for changes, but for their heart issues and their needs.  Maybe you have a friend that needs a great job, pray for them.  Maybe someone is hurting or has cancer, pray for their comfort and their fight to save their life.  Pray for those homeless you see walking among us, they need your prayers and they need a hand up and not a hand out. 

Pray for your nation, your senators that they would stand on a solid rock of truth and the way America is suppose to be.  Pray for your pastors, they have a mighty move of demon activity they struggle with daily.  Pray for your own family that their God given talents be recognised by others and praise God for them too!

Until next time.  Pray for this nation!  

Trust and VIPKID travels!

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