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update from yesterday!

"I have a dream of having a church, not like any other church, it won't have traditional stuff, it won't have parents and children split- they will be family taught.  It won't be just about singing but really worshipping Jesus and singing in our spirits to Him.  Healing will take place and praying for each other will be the norm, it will be a huge place that reaches the unreached and the unlovely.  It will be a place that is completely similar to the Acts church and Thessalonian church.  The teachings will be God's word and questions answered.  Bible studies will be offered for more than just an hour or two.  It will be a time to learn and to honor Jesus."I have been pondering this even more...

One of my strengths is as a Pioneer. I walk way ahead of many to find the gems and jewels in the land.  I look at the history from where we have been and what to look for in the trail ahead. 
I plan way ahead but submit to God and listen for His ever-increasing plan. …