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Steady and Unchanging

Whew!  It's been a wonderful trip so far.  We have seen the man in the mirror and found out about temptation.  Knowing now God never tempts us.  We also saw what wisdom looked like up close and personal. 

I need to share this picture with you.  This is what I see our journey into James-land as.  In my minds eye, not only are we studying together, we are meandering down this path that leads to somewhere, to a time past when it maybe wasn't simpler but it was meaningful.  The Natchez trail was an important trail, those who took the Mississippi down river could not float their boats back up river, so they broke them apart, sold the wood and walked back home to Memphis or Nashville from Natchez MS.  So, as we go through this book, lets float our boat down the trail and break every chain that holds us back as we walk through the woods and let your journey be of greatness in the end.

We will find rest and comfort at the end of the journey, maybe we will find a little place to rest al…