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Sometimes in life, whether Christian or other, we make huge mistakes. 

I am good at making mistakes, I admit it!  I jump to conclusions or I allow my feelings to run aground and guide my steps.  In doing these mistakes, I tend to hurt people along the way.  I don't mean to, I don't really have a mean bone in me. 

I do have a dumb bone that causes some inadequecies and allows those underground feelings to rear up and take over.  I am working on digging the roots out of those feelings and put them out in the light and figure out how to let go of those feelings. 

Okay, so let's go on here...

My brother was born in Mobile AL a long time ago!  Okay, not a long time ago but at least 45 years ago, that is a long time ago!

I don't think it looked like this though...

 We always drive past this, it is always interesting to see what they are working on.
 We got off the interstate to see the ship yard and could not figure out how to get back on, so we toured the historic distr…