Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sometimes in life, whether Christian or other, we make huge mistakes. 

I am good at making mistakes, I admit it!  I jump to conclusions or I allow my feelings to run aground and guide my steps.  In doing these mistakes, I tend to hurt people along the way.  I don't mean to, I don't really have a mean bone in me. 

I do have a dumb bone that causes some inadequecies and allows those underground feelings to rear up and take over.  I am working on digging the roots out of those feelings and put them out in the light and figure out how to let go of those feelings. 

Okay, so let's go on here...

My brother was born in Mobile AL a long time ago!  Okay, not a long time ago but at least 45 years ago, that is a long time ago!

I don't think it looked like this though...

Mobile Bay Boat yard, we have seen cruise ships docked here.

 We always drive past this, it is always interesting to see what they are working on.
Down town Mobile from I-10
 We got off the interstate to see the ship yard and could not figure out how to get back on, so we toured the historic district trying to find a way out.

What you don't see here is a tunnel coming up.  It takes you under something,  I just haven't figured this out yet. 

From my dad "The tunnels (one for I10 and the other for hwy 90/98) go under the Mobile River.  There is another shipyard/dock area up the river with a really high bridge across the river.  The Austral (sp) shipyard you can see from I10 on the north side builds ships for the navy and really big multi hull ships.  They just got a contract from the Navy and are going to add 1800 jobs.
Historic Downtown- these were most likely here in '65

Mobile has grown but the apartments we lived in are still there, neighborhood changed a bit,  and Brookley is now an industrial area."

Look at how green those trees are!

Another view from I-10, I know this wasn't there in '65!

 Maybe one day we will take time to really explore some more of the area. 

This was an office building or the library.

The Circus Museum

As we drove past this place, I had to look fast.  Our camera takes great pics as we drive by places.  

  As I looked out, I could see this odd low tide.  OK it was odd for me, I had never before seen it so low!  It is usually high and looks a bit scary crossing over the bridge, but this was nice!  Lots of pots were out collecting seafood. 

Piles and Piles and Piles of leaves and they are still falling! 

We thought maybe we would share some pics of our jobs here, this is just one part of what we are doing here.  We do whatever we are asked to do really.
It was a beautiful day and yes, we are raking leaves in December.  The leaves are changing colors here and dropping off the trees.  Along the highways and byways the colors have been spectacular and the trees have been losing their leaves.  It has been rather chilly here in NW FL.
Breaking records seems to be the norm for most places this year.

Me and those crazy leaves!

 These kabins rent for about $50 anight.  They sleep 4 and no bathroom.  They have small heaters and a/c in them. 
Steve, after blowing all the leaves into the piles to p/u

We filled up this wagon 4 times and still weren't done!  The whole tent area is thick with fallen leaves. 
Kamping Kabins at the back of the Camp.  Tons of leaves!

We have 25 work kampers here.  Most are for site only since we work 10 hours a week each for our site, a few work a 3rd day and are paid for that day.  Then there are a few here that work 40 hours and get paid for those hours.  It's not a bad gig.  It has taught us a lot about our own finances and how to manage them more than we did before. 

Lots of little critters hanging out here.  The bird species are abounding too!
 Well, that's all folks!  Happy New Year!  

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