Monday, March 7, 2011

What are vows?

 What is a Vow?  We aren't talking wedding vows, but what is a vow, do you know? 

I am using the "Green Book- Wellspring School of Ministry, the Wellspring model.  How to Minister Workbook.  By Art and Patti Mathias

Have you ever said:  "I will never let a man (or woman) ever hurt me again?"
Or, "I will never put myself in that position again." "I can't trust anybody." "Nobody can do it right but me." "I will never be like my mother (or father)." "I will never be like that." "I will never share what I really feel, it is not safe."

Many men say this ab out their mothers, and then it transfers to their wives.  "Men (women) never do it right." "Don't share", etc.

Proverbs teaches us that as we think in our hearts, so we become (Proverbs 23:7a).  If we make these "vows", or statements, they are waiting to be fulfilled, and Satan will make sure they happen.  Many of these vows were said as children, yet they affect our lives as adults.  If you have ever made such statements, it is now time to go before the LORD, and repent and break the power of the curse that was placed on your life.

                                       Suggested Prayer

Heavenly Father, in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ, and as an act of my free will.  I confess, repent, and renounce the vow of (specific words) in my life and in all my generations, clean back to Adam.

I ask you, LORD, to forgive me and all my family members and all my past and future generations for involvement in this vow.  I release myself from the curse of this vow. 

In the name of the LORD Jesus Christ, and by the power of His blood, I cancel all of Satan's power and authority over me because of the vow of (specific words).

Holy Spirit, heal my heart and cleanse me from the effects of this vow.  Please speak your words of truth to me.

The following is a list of typical vows:  (condensed)
  • I don't matter
  • I'm not good enough
  • What the use in trying? I'll never be good enough.
  • I am an outcast.
  • It's too complicated.
  • I can't do it.
  • I'll just suck it up and go on. 
  • I'll just pretend it doesn't hurt and go on.
  • Nobody will believe me.
  • No one will hear my heart, or listen to me, or validate me, or acknowledge me.
  • Emotions don't matter.
  • It's my fault.
  • I'm worthless.
  • I'd better be perfect.
  • Everyone else gets what he or she wants.  I never get what I want.  When is it going to be my turn.
  • I'm defective.
  • I don't have time for emotions.
  • I'm a victim.
  • I am unclean.
  • Men have to be tough, or strong.
  • You can't teach an old dog new tricks.
  • I'll always find a way out; I will survive.
  • I have to be good.
  • I have bad blood.
  • I'm going to carry my cross and the thorn in my flesh.
  • I'm depressed.
  • It's so hard.
  • What's wrong with me, I just can't get my life together.
This list is so much longer, but I hope you get the point.  When we speak words over ourselves, they may come to fruition. 

When we give a foothold to the devil, he takes advantage of us because we have allowed it. 

Steve and I have been working though this and have found that our bodies are being healed as we let go. 

There is so much more we will talk/teach about another day.  Today, I would love it if you asked the Holy Spirit to show you and tell you where you have made those vows.  Sometimes it takes just a quiet moment to bring up something that caused a hurt. 

Let me share with you what happened one night.  Steve and I are talking in bed, this is very usual for us. 
The Holy Spirit reminded me of running hard.  I looked at their were two girls behind me.  Those two girls spent about 3 years tormenting me, chasing me home and if I stopped they beat me up!  One day, a knock on the door and it was one of the girls who told my mom that I said she could use my roller skates.  I didn't.  I was beat up again.  It wasn't until we moved out to our country home that it all ended.  I forgave this girl and the other one and forgave myself for holding on to all that yuk. 
I thought I had let it go, but I remembered how scared I was and that's what brought it forward. 
There are many more for another time.

For today, work on shining the light into the dark places.  Next time we will cover a few new things.  Our hope is you grow and let go and shine that light into the dark places so you can shine your light before men and you radiate with His Love all over you.  ZERO Debts!


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