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Oh what a vision and a dream!

I awoke to myself a few nights ago! I had the mostintense dream and so realistic that it had to be God.  It is still sitting on my heart. 

We were in a new congregation, a generational church that had wanted Jesus so much.  They had given up the children's ministry along with the teens.  They put the worship team on hold and they wanted to seek God.  In this process is where Steve and I came in. 

I awoke to my own preaching. It was an incredible vision, I was watching myself!    We were not suppose to be teaching that morning, it was an intro morning.  But the head church councils (synod) was there and wanted to hear me.  So, I started.  Boy did I! 

I listed the things that they wanted, they wanted to see Jesus.  So, I told them how we were going to seek Him.  I said we were going to one service instead of two or three until we were in overflow status for a time.  We would them pray about where God wants us to go.  I said my mission was to help them experience and see Jesus and see t…