Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh what a vision and a dream!

I awoke to myself a few nights ago! I had the most intense dream and so realistic that it had to be God.  It is still sitting on my heart. 

We were in a new congregation, a generational church that had wanted Jesus so much.  They had given up the children's ministry along with the teens.  They put the worship team on hold and they wanted to seek God.  In this process is where Steve and I came in. 

I awoke to my own preaching. It was an incredible vision, I was watching myself!    We were not suppose to be teaching that morning, it was an intro morning.  But the head church councils (synod) was there and wanted to hear me.  So, I started.  Boy did I! 

I listed the things that they wanted, they wanted to see Jesus.  So, I told them how we were going to seek Him.  I said we were going to one service instead of two or three until we were in overflow status for a time.  We would them pray about where God wants us to go.  I said my mission was to help them experience and see Jesus and see the healing and power of the Holy Spirit.  I said we would be restarting the worship team, but it would not be your Sunday service where you come in, check it off your list and go on your way.  I said we would be going at least two hours if not more but that the Holy Spirit would lead service and we would be listening to Him, so please take off your sports and other things that you have right after service.  Bring your Bibles, a notebook, and tissues because God will be changing your heart to seek after him more and more. 

We will be teaching the Word of God, we will be working on healing the deepest, darkest recesses and shining the light into those and put the devil on notice and kick him out.  We will grow, we will learn, we will rejoice in the goodness of the Lord.  I explained what worship meant, what we would experience together and how we would see a wonderful growth in each other as long as we became an open vessel. 

We would also be having Friday and Saturday night worship services, no childcare because children and teens need to be in service. 
I also asked how many have sat in the same pews week after week, many raised their hands.  I said, next week you will change seats and God will work on changing you.  I told them that we would be off on Monday and Tuesday and we would work Wed.-Sun afternoon. 

This church provided us with a full hook up site on their land.  We were excited about what God had planned for this church that was so ready to see Him. 
Not sure what this dream means but we are willing to move in Him. I do know what this dream means- God will put us into a church that He has left and bring in His Revival!  Revive the Hearts for the Glory of the Lord. 

Oh what my eyes have seen, oh what glories have beheld these eyes!  His Presence is so utterly amazing!  I want everyone I know to experience the Presence of the Lord!

The Holy Spirit has showed me a few other things, in our devotions- this same type of vision was spoken of and then reading in two different books, confirmed the same things.  I wasn't looking for it, it was where I was reading. 

Trust and VIPKID travels!

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