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What in the World has it come to?

As my grampa said when I asked him at age 5, "Grampa what are we?"  He said "we are Heinz 57".  I asked what did that mean?  "It's a bit of everything".  Oh, okay.  I remember that conversation because I had spilled a 1/2 gallon of milk on his new carpet and because we lived with him for a year while my dad was overseas.

When my dad went searching our roots and found several different things we are, I was amazed.  We have every tribe and nation in us, or so it seems.  I raised my children to look at the heart of people and not the color of their skin.  My kids were friends with everyone, regardless.  We were military and some of the best people in the world are serving their country. 

I stand on God's Word and God's promises.  I look at others, regardless of race, creed or religion, status, or job without discrimination.  I wanna be like Jesus!  I wanna love others like He does.

It angers me when it seems all the country is up in arms over bl…