Saturday, January 15, 2011

Life and life abundantly

                                           Good Beautiful Morning! 

Our hope is this is the Day! 

      The day to seize the moment.

The day to see miracles.

       The day to see the beauty in all that there is. 

The day to be a light in someone elses life. 

Through the Darkness We Walk by Faith
We walk by faith, the Bible says, not by sight.  Faith in God and in what God says gives us a light (His Word) that shines on the road or pathway ahead. We may not be able to see everything going on all around us, but we do see to take the steps required just ahead. We can move forward, walking by faith, trusting in the wisdom and promises of God.

In this life, we have lots of choices to make.  We can choose to use our free will to make those choices.  That freewill we have been given at birth allows us to make mistakes and make those u-turns and turn back to God. 

A couple of days ago I wrote about writing the chapters in your book and how you would title them.  What would yours be titled? 

book clipart notebook
I have really put a lot of thought into what God has done in my life and set me free, but it's about me letting myself free and forgiving myself. 

Steve has also put a lot of thought into what God has done in his life and set him free, but he too, knows we have to let ourself free.  Forgive ourselves as well. 

But it takes the Holy Spirit to help us see those memories and forgive those that hurt us and forgive ourself because we have held onto it for so long and it has sometimes poisoned our thinking and our blessings in life. 

So, the title of the book, what would yours be?  I think I would have to say... Didn't Know She Was Blessed Until...

What would yours be?  What would your chapter titles be?  How many pages could you put into it? 

I think when we look at the past of our life, we can see the presence of God in our life even when we couldn't feel him or even knew him.  God created each of us and knew us before we were even a twinkle in our parents eye.  God had a plan for our life even before we were born. 

Are you doing what you know God desires for you?  Are you living up to His potential for you?  Some of us are like the butterfly; we are first a catapillar and crawl through life and then we have a major change- a metamorphis and then we become the beautiful butterfly! 

We are heading out to spend time with our beautiful grandchildren!  It's going to be a fun day! So here we grow, fun and fabulous!

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