Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sitting around a campfire!

In August/Sept 2009, God had told us we were going to be leaving BY next Sept. He gave us some other visions and he was so right, of course!  He also told me to teach the kids I worked with "His Word"!  So, I did.  I was also going to school at this time, I have since completed with a total 3.90 gpa! 

In December 2009, my dear husband found that dream of traveling.  He so wanted to travel up to Montana, through Idaho, Washington, down to Oregon to find the dirt yurts, through California to the Redwood Forest, through the Nat'l parks and through places we have dreamt about.  We wanted to see the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. Then off to Aches NP and down though Colorado and down to TX and then wherever the road led us.  We wanted to see the colors change along the New England coast.

At this crossroads, we knew God had already called us out, we just didn't know to do what.  It wasn't until January of 2010 that God spoke clearly, audibly and concisely. He called us to leave soon and provided a job for us in OKC with some wonderful Christian owners and manager.  They taught us well. 

But before we left, we had some major things to do.  We sold our cars, all of our furniture, sent and gave things to our kids, took 3 car loads to the thrift shop.  We loved "New Life Thrift" it was about 15 miles away from us but it was so worth the trip. 
We said goodbye to some really wonderful friends.  They came and had a cold campfire with us and we talked and ate s'mores and enjoyed each others  company.  We really enjoyed
the time we spent with each other.

The owners of Omaha KOA were incredible.  They allowed us to use the tent area and the next week we had Steve's family over.  It was a rad way to say our goodbyes. 

One of the things that really speak to our heart is the kindness of others and that we can really see God's love shine through those that are sincere. 

Along the 5 years journey in Omaha.  Steve worked at AHP, he met some really wonderful people and some that were so very needy.  Delivering oxygen all over the Omaha area along with durable med. equipment for 3 years.  Then the custodian left St. Paul's and we had found out just as we had returned from taking the travel trailer down to TX to visit the girls.  Dennis had called and said he quit.  It was a God call.  We prayed about the position.  Steve met with my boss a few times, declining the job each time, but each time, the offer was better.  Finally, he took the job.  FireJuneholidaysThrough both jobs, it allowed us to pay everything off.  We were debt free.  But that wasn't always the case.  When I met Steve, he was over $60,000 in debt.  For those 3 years working at the first job, he paid all those bills off!  We were debt free.  The story is so much longer than that.  But our faith in God has allowed us to grow in trust and faith that God does abundantly so much more in our lives when we allow him too. 

So as we sit around the campfire and chat, I want to ask you some questions.  We are all just sitting around the fire, with a cup of java or cocoa in hand and comfortable.

What in your life that needs a radical change,  something that you just can't do on your own? 
Are you angry at someone? 
Are you in debt over your eyebrows, is it swallowing you up? 
Are you speaking to your children?
Do you have regrets about stuffs in your life?  
Is your job driving you so batty? 

I know someone that can help!  His Name is Jesus!  Just ask him!
Here I will help you start...

Dear Lord Jesus, I do know you, I have asked you to live in my heart and you know my name.  You know each hair on my head, you knew me before I was even born.  Lord Jesus, I need your help in _____________, I need you to help me change_______________, Forgive me for holding on to this hurt and help me to forgive myself for hanging onto it.  Holy Spirit, come in and show me what you need me to see ______________________.  (Stop and Listen- be real and real quiet, control your wandering thoughts) 
Lord Jesus, I want to be a blessing to others, I want to be a blessing to my own family, show me how_________________________.

Thank you Lord for the love you have for me and help me to show your love to others through my actions and my words.  Let my mouth be a blessing for you. I love you Jesus.  Continue to show me your ways.  Help me to read your word daily so I can know more and more about you. 
In Your most precious name, Jesus, Amen. 

If you have any prayers that need prayed for and you don't mind someone else praying for you, put it in the comments section and we will pray for you.  Our hope is that you will trust the Lord with every single thing in your life, from finances to the very basics of attitude and love.  Give Him a place to radically change your life. 

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