Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What a beautiful day!

It was raining this morning but it turned out just beautiful and cool.  We took a road trip out to the mountains and it was so incredibly beautiful!  It is just pretty here! 

We took Mary Magg to the dr. today to get her final shot and heartworm meds.  The dr. said Mary is not  5 yrs old but only 2.  She did really well but so happy to be in her "mom's" arms again. She was just 5 lbs when we got her two weeks ago but because of cottage cheese and Iam's food, she has gained almost 2 lbs.  We asked her how much should she be and she said until she looks healthy.  So, we determined to put at least another 1/2 lb.  She loves to race!  We will say, ready, set, go and she will race with us.  It's kinda fun.

We went to the Appalachia Museum yesterday.  It was wonderful, the musical instruments were hilarious and really neat. 

We saw Peacocks along the way and lots of really neat baskets, outbuildings, and more.

This is black walnut wood!  The guy added eyes and horse teeth.

This was a jail box.


Thought this was worth the read!

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