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Who Switched off my Brain? By Caroline Leaf is an incredible book and website that explains how are brain holds onto so much.  Here is a taste of her site, you can click on the link and it will take you to the site.

87% to 95% of the illnesses that plague us today are a direct result of our thought life. What we think about affects us physically and emotionally. It's an epidemic of toxic emotions.
The average person has over 30,000 thoughts a day. Through an uncontrolled thought life, we create the conditions for illness; we make ourselves sick! Research shows that fear, all on its own, triggers more than 1,400 known physical and chemical responses and activates more than 30 different hormones. There are INTELLECTUAL and MEDICAL reasons to FORGIVE! Toxic waste generated by toxic thoughts causes the following illnesses: diabetes, cancer, asthma, skin problems and allergies to name just a few. Consciously control your thought life and start to detox your brain!
Medical research increasingly points to the fact that thinking and consciously controlling your thought life is one of the best ways, if not the best way of detoxing your brain. It allows you to get rid of those toxic thoughts and emotions that can consume and control your mind.
Change in your thinking is essential to detox the brain. Consciously controlling your thought life means not letting thoughts rampage through your mind. It means learning to engage interactively with every single thought that you have, and to analyse it before you decide either to accept or reject it.
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Here is another book that goes into more depth on other areas.
The More Excellent Way

Henry Wright On Biblical Healing And Pathways To Wellness

By admin Henry Wright discusses biblical healing, pathways to wellness, and why we get sick with his book A Most Excellent Way.
Henry Wright: Biblical Healing And Pathways To Wellness
by Henry Wright
The majority of diseases related to the digestive tract are usually caused by unresolved fear, anxiety and stress.

The hypothalamus is the principal intermediary between the nervous system and the endocrine system. All Satan needs is one gland to produce over sixty major diseases. Through the autonomic nervous system, the hypothalamus is the main regulator of visceral activities. It regulates heart rate, movement of food through the digestive tract and contraction of the urinary bladder. The hypothalamus is designed to produce balanced homeostasis when you are in peace concerning God, yourself and others. If Satan can steal your peace, he can control you and he will use the hypothalamus to do it.

smallerhenrywwright2 Total Healing? Find A More Excellent Way
Have you ever been startled and had to go to the bathroom immediately? When you are startled in stress, it produces a contraction of the urinary bladder causing quick results.
Movement of food through the digestive tract, all the way from your mouth to ‘Charmin land’ is controlled by the hypothalamus. Malabsorption, irritable bowel syndrome, reflux, and a leaky gut are all diseases that are the fruit of anxiety.

Since the hypothalamus gland regulates food intake, it also regulates your digestive process as well as your hunger and appetite. It is actually the center for hunger and appetite. For example, in the case of weight gain, when you don’t feel good about yourself, you have lowered serotonin levels.

Left alone, the body does a nice job of doing what God created it to do. God created you to function apart from conscious thought. You don’t have to worry about making your stomach digest food. You don’t have to worry about the lining of your stomach secreting various digestive enzymes. However, anxiety, fear and stress affect the entire physiological, neurological and chemical makeup of your body.

Do you have reflux? You may call it heartburn, but in advanced cases, the sphincter gland stays open to the degree that the reflux gushes. Acids from the digestive process can then back up into your esophagus.

Acid reflux is an anxiety disorder. You have two sphincter glands. The top one is where the food comes down into your stomach. There are nerve endings there. When you have anxiety, fear and stress about some particular life circumstance, then there is an interruption of the neurological process so that the sphincter gland doesn’t close properly. It allows the acid from the digestive juices to come back up into your esophagus and sometimes all the way up into your mouth and your throat, burning very badly. It’s an anxiety disorder.

So you have increased blood pressure, decreased gastric secretion and digestion problems. You don’t need more enzymes pumped into your body for digestion; you just need to get out of fear. You have a knot in your stomach because you haven’t resolved some stressor. The anxiety has opened a door in your life and as a result, your stomach is in knots.

When you open the door to fear in your life and your stomach is in knots, you’re not digesting your food properly. Then you probably pump all kinds of digestive stuff into your stomach, trying to help your digestion. That’s a form of disease management. However, it does not solve the spiritual defect.

Unresolved fear or anxiety will cause long-term secretion of cortisol. Excess cortisol becomes your enemy. Look at the functions affected: carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, protein metabolism, inflammatory effects, the immune reserve, digestive function, urinary function, connective tissue function, muscle and bone function, central nervous system and myocardial function are all under attack. They are forced into dysfunction because of the unresolved issues in your life causing cortisol to continue to be secreted long term in your body. You’ve not taken your peace in your God.

Art Mathias at Wellspring
covers so much in his books. 
Here is an exerpt:

Have you put God in a box?
Some Christian churches teach that the works of Christ, His disciples, and the early believers that are recorded in Mathew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts were for that time only. They teach that those signs, wonders, healings, miracles, and casting out of demons are not in God’s will for us today. They contend that they were necessary “back then” to validate the scriptures, and since we now have the complete scriptures, these works are no longer necessary. Is this true? No! There is not a single scripture that teaches that the works of Christ and the believers of New Testament times were temporary. However, there are many scriptures that teach that they are for today, and forever. John 14:12 says, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto My Father.” Mark 16:15-18 says, “And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In My name shall they cast out devils; They shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” There are many, many other similar passages. In Rev 12, God’s Word teaches that our testimony of His works are necessary to overcome the works of Satan. In fact, He places a value on our testimonies next to the blood of the Lamb. Rev. 12:10-11 says, “And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” Some Christian Churches teach that the gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in 1 Cor. 12 are also passed away. 1 Cor 12:7-11 says, “But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit; To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit; To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues: But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as He will.” Again there are no scriptures that say that the gifts of the Holy Spirit were only given for the time of Christ. History proves this concept to be false. In every decade since Christ, all of the gifts have been (and still are being) exercised. If you have believed these type of teachings then you are right. We suggest that you repent to God for your unbelief and doubt. Do this in your own life, and in all your generations

It isn't me making any of this up, read, do your homework and believe that Jesus is the Healer! 


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