Monday, September 9, 2013

Life's update

Life and living abundantly.

Life can be what you make of it or it can be what you allow God to do in it in spite of your own doing. 

Since January, many things have taken place.  We are still where we are, haven't moved back into the trailer yet.  Although the smaller space would be great, it just won't work just yet. 

We have a new pup, he is quite a comic and loves being loved on. 

I completed my CDA and have moved into a lead teacher position.  We are planning and looking way forward down the road when we can travel the road again.   Steve is learning his new job well and loves being back with his old crew. 

We have loved all our travels and adventures, we miss meeting all the people we did, the life of living in the rig, the campgrounds, the beauty of nature and the peace that comes when you allow God to show you how to live life.

We are still following what God desires, but it's different because we get so busy with life that we forget to hear His Still Small Voice.  Stop and Listen he has said before.  I did.  I had to continue to remind myself about stopping and listening.

I stopped long enough to listen to the Lord and received a promotion.  Now, it's time to really learn about the children in my care and helping them to grow into incredible smart two year olds.  Their Mom's and Dad's are fantastic and caring, wonderful and attentive.  It's been hard for them to allow their children to be in class by themselves but they (both children and parents) have done an incredible job the past few weeks. 

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